Oxygen Deficiency

How to Tell if You’re Suffering from Oxygen Deficiency?

Naturally enough, oxygen is regarded as an important drug in the management of diseases characterized by oxygen deficiency. Suffering from a lung disorder, an upper respiratory infection or heart disease may put you at an increased risk of oxygen deficiency. You might notice the following symptoms:

  • Headaches – (Spray Skin Spray on Face and Scalp)
  • Fatigue – (Gut Drops)
  • Anaemia – (Blood Oxygenation Enhancement)
  • Feeling cold constantly (Gut Drops)
  • Lack of concentration (Gut Drops)
  • Poor immunity; getting sick all the time (Gut and Blood)
  • Lack of coordination
  • Problems sleeping (Gut Drops)

Use an oximeter to test oxygen in the blood. Everybody should have access to one, as this will give you early warning of trouble on its way!

By using the Blood Oxygenation Enhancement treatments at home, you can add a lot of extra oxygen into your blood quickly, and this will have a huge impact on your energy levels – and all of the above symptoms quickly!

What Causes Oxygen Deficiency?

Oxygen deficiencies are a result of low arterial blood oxygen concentration. Pulmonary conditions and diseases that affect the lungs such as bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and COPD, as well as high altitude and hyperventilation, may cause oxygen deficiency. Other causes include abnormal levels of hemoglobin and plasma, which are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body via the blood.

Exposure to gasses in the air is another potential cause. This can occur when organic matter, such as human, plant or animal waste, produces gasses such as carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen sulphide, thereby affecting the amount of oxygen in the air we consume. Even rust may cause a slight decrease in oxygen concentration.

Stressful situations that leave one feeling anxious, sad or overwhelmed, or sustained periods of strenuous activity, can also affect breathing habits and lead to oxygen deficiency.

But now we can improve the oxygen saturation of your blood with the Bound-Oxygen Blood Oxygenation Enhancement Treatment – this is accomplished by absorbing the extra oxygen through your feet. Have a look at “Blood Oxygenation Enhancement

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