Product Instructions

Instructions on the use of the Bound-Oxygen Product Range

Gut Drops

There is a lot of different ways to drink the Gut Drops that work, so choose one or choose all – it’s up to you.

  • First drink in the morning: Add 10 drops to a hot water lemon drink (Half a lemons juice)
  • Add 1 to 5 drops in all the liquids you drink, so 1-5 drops in every glass of liquid, this includes water, juice, cooldrinks, milk, coffee, tea etc.

Energy Drops

First drink in the morning: Add 10 drops to a hot water lemon drink (Half a lemons juice)

Sinus & Hayfever Relief Spray

Close one nostril and spray into the other nostril, the best is to spray till you feel the liquid in your throat. Then do the same for both nostrils.

The best is do so every day, because of the vegetable stabilizer, when you spray and you get a burning sensation, you know there is dirt and bacteria and it is neutralizing it, and so spray every 30 minutes till the spray starts feeling like water. (No burning at all)

If you spray and it feels like water, so no burning sensation then you don’t have to spray again unless you cough, sneeze, or the sinuses feels like things has changed for the worse.

Sore Throat & Cough Spray

The moment you feel you have a sore throat, start spraying 2 or 3 sprays into the mouth at any one time, repeat as needed – waiting at least 30 minutes between sprays.

If you suffer often from sore throats, you can spray twice daily to help prevent your throat from getting sore, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Do not drink any drinks for 10 minutes after you have sprayed into the mouth.

It is normal for your tough to get white when you spray.

Skin Spray

Spray as often as needed on the affected areas, even every 10 minutes if the itch persists.

Hair Growth Spray

Best to spray twice a day – morning and evenings – the idea is that the scalp must get wet all over, so the hair follicles can recover. This normally takes at least 2 years if you are bold already. Best to start using as soon as you realize your hair is thinning.


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