Takealot now Stocking Sinus Throat 30ml

Bound Oxygen Online Shop now open

Below is the list of pharmacies, click on the correct link, then find the best Pharmacy for you, the suburb that is closest to you will be your first choice. Below that is all Pharmacies that stock alphabetically. 

 — (011) Johannesburg and Surroundings – Order here

— (012) Pretoria and Surroundings – Order from here

— (013) Nelspruit and Surroundings – Order here

— (014) Rustenburg and Surroundings – Order here

— (015) Polokwane and Surroundings – Order here

— (016) Vereeniging and Surrounding – Order  here

— (017) Secunda and Surroundings – Order here

— (018) Potchefstroom and Surroundings – Order here

— (021) Cape Town and Surroundings (021) Cape Town

— (031) Durban (031) Durban and Surroundings

— (051) Bloemfontein (051) Bloemfontein and Surrounding Arias

If you want to see all the Pharmacies that stock Bound Oxygen Products

Click here

If you want to order online –

Bound Oxygen Website: Takealot – Bound-Oxygen Products (


Check this out on Takealot: BO2 Nasal Spray 30ml

Takealot: BO2 Throat Spray 30ml

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