Gut Drops



All disease starts in the Gut – but the problem is that humans are not very good at preventing illness, even when they know what the problem is.

The diseases in the gut – small intestine – is not done through poisoning, it happens because we feed the anaerobic pathogens. The good news is that they are alive and so we can starve them or deprive them of water – all we have to do is to stop feeding them and giving them liquids! This is quite easy now that we know what we are trying to achieve.

The answer is now available, just drink 2 drops of “Gut Drops” in all the liquids you drink, it has to be in all the liquids as we do not want to give the pathogens and fungi any water. Bound-Oxygen’s Gut Drops is poison for anaerobic pathogens – and healthy and beneficial for aerobic bacteria.

This product should be used by everyone, the sooner you start the better it will be. This is a very good preventative product.

This oxygen that is added to the gut is enough to change the environment to have more oxygen, and so helps control the bad anaerobic pathogens.

But if you already have a sickness then you will also need to add extra oxygen to the blood. We have the product to do this effectively. Blood Oxygenation Enhancement

You can now poison the anaerobic pathogens in a way that is good for you, and good for the aerobic bacteria.

4 thoughts on “Gut Drops”

  1. I bought your energy drops and I want to know if I should just add ten drops before meals or after meals.
    Another question is 35% food grade I read about how’s it different from your product


    1. It is not importent if it is before or after a meal.

      Yes, 35% is very different as those drops you have to drink on an empty stomach.


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