Bound Oxygen products is no longer stocked by Takealot.com

Bound Oxygen Online Shop is Now Open (Bulk Discounts)

Existing Shops that is stocking https://boundoxygenshop.com

Takealot, Bound-Oxygen - Nasal | Throat | Gut | Scalp - Sprays

Check this out on Takealot: BO2 Nasal Spray 30ml

Existing Shops that is stocking https://boundoxygenshop.com

BO2 Throat Spray 30ml

If this link does not take you to the product, please search “BO2” or Nasal/Sinus spray or Throat Spray and scrole down till you find our Nasal and Throat Spray.

Existing Shops that is stocking https://bound-oxygen.com/shops/

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    1. We do not have Pharmacies everywhere, so the best is to look at bound-oxygen.com/shop and scroll down till you find the best Pharmacy for you.

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