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Bound-Oxygen (PTY) Ltd has oxygen products that are totally natural with no
toxins and is completely safe to use.

Bound-Oxygen Top Products:

We have the following products:

Important Warning: When you use the Skin Spray, your skin should never have a burning sensation, so if it does – stop using our Skin Spray – and rinse the skin with water. Then read this “What must I do Now?” This will fix the problem easily. This burning sensation can happen if you leave the Skin Spray bottle in the sun, so please do not leave our products in the sun, keep it in a cool place, thanks.

The future of oxygen delivery has arrived! The water is the carrier of the oxygen, and so it’s easy to clean the sinuses, throat and the mouth. You just spray it into the nose or mouth, it’s that easy.

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  1. Thanks to ur product l had something like heat rash near my elbow to the right hand ,when l sprayed it in two days the skin spray dried the rash ,am grateful thank you so much,via Sunward park

  2. I would like to buy the sore throat and cough spray
    I live in Mauritius
    Advise where can I find it

  3. I live in South Africa and have a sinus problem.I have had a operation and it did not work.Will this work for me and is it available in South Africa. My email is susanann1752@gmail.com

    1. We have several people that has had several sinus operations, it can take several months for sinusitis to be completely cleared up. But with continued use there sinuses stay open.

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This product has helped me so much. The gut drops has offered such relief with my prostate problem. My son regulary uses the skin spray, the acne drops and the hair spray. Everyone I have given the sinus spray always enquire where to obtain more as this product gives the required relief

Everette Kelly

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